Looking for a relaxing Mykonos vacation? You have to stay in a Mykonos Villa

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    When it comes to summer vacations, some people like to party, some like to relax and then there are some that would like to do both. They would like to spend their nights clubbing and having fun in general and their days relaxing in a luxurious hotel room, regaining the energy they will need to get back to their work and daily routine. There are very few holiday and vacation destinations in the world that can cater to both crowds. Usually locations known for partying are crowded and loud, making it impossible to relax, while locations known for offering relaxation tend to not have an active nightlife.

    Thankfully, Mykonos is one of the few locations that can offer both relaxation and fun. This might seem a bit strange because many people seem to believe that there’s nothing on this island other than hip clubs and lovely beach bars, which is what the island is famous all over the world for. This is largely true, but it’s also an exaggeration. Nightclubs aren’t EVERYWHERE on Mykonos and one can wind down and relax between clubbing sessions, provided they know where to stay of course.

    Why a hotel is not a good idea

    Most people would choose to stay in a hotel, particularly one that advertises itself as “calm”, “quiet” and relaxing. Once they get to the hotel however, they find out that things aren’t quite as advertised. Since Mykonos is very popular with younger travelers, it can be quite hard to find a hotel that can offer you the privacy needed to relax and wind down. Chances are that the youngsters will keep partying in their rooms, despite complaints from their neighbors and hotel management. So, if you can’t stay in a hotel, where can you stay? The answer is, you can rent a villa.

    Why villas are ideal for relaxation

    Mykonos villas are usually situated away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger towns and away from clubbers and nightclubs. In fact, almost all of them are built on private properties that span many acres all around, making it difficult for people to bother you. Also, villas are private which means that only you and your friends or party will be staying there for the duration of your stay. No other guests that haven’t been invited by you will be on the property. In other words, you will be the master of the villa during your stay and you will get to say who stays there with you.

    It should also be noted that villas in Mykonos, are where the many celebrities that visit the island each year choose to stay. This is because of their luxury but mainly because of their privacy. If a villa offers acceptable privacy to people being hounded by the paparazzi every day, then it is definitely ideal for regular Joes looking to relax.

    Amazing amenities

    It goes without saying that privacy isn’t a villa’s main or only selling / point. As their name suggests, villas are huge and they also are very luxurious. Many of them are designed by famous architects and they have been decorated and furnished under the care and watchful eyes of some of the best interior designers in the world. Furthermore, they also come with huge and well kept gardens and pristine pools that you can swim in any time of the day. They are also ideal for hosting parties and having guests. Finally, as far as cost is concerned, if you can’t afford a villa on your own, you can always partner up with a few of your friends and split the cost between you.

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    All about the most beautiful Island in the World – Soon

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